the children.

You are like God to them
Or the devil

The children
They have history in their faces
Their eyes
are everything that done passed up to now

They are reflecting you like crazy
born from you
grow from you
learn from you
don’t learn from you

The children
are willing to believe
clear a path
make a way out of a dead end

The children
are all teaching
Because they all inspire us
Haven’t done it for you yet
Well maybe someday

The children
Are to be shared
Are to be a part of the conversation
when the big people
are planning their future
or their attack

Who will protect the children

Will the Americans build a new machine to free up the hassle
How much will this machine cost
Can we form a coalition now to bring down the price of this kidtaker caretaker machine
Let’s make it affordable
And available to everyone

Like water used to be
Air used to be
Housing used to be

The children
Are all ours
We are even all ours
We all be sharing this world
All day long
Whether you rent or own
Buy or steal
Copy or create
Your children
affect me
And my well-being

So how can I help you
Offer your child the best options possible
How can I truly be of help
Because we are all parents
Some are just deadbeat and tired
Self-absorbed and hiding

But selfishness hasn’t built a temple that I’ve seen

And my son is now riding the subway angry as hell
So be careful
Prisoner # 700013
Also known as Dad
Where are you

And imagine if that line played over and over in your head
All night
All day
All year

Who would you be

Maybe someone who’s searching
Or trying to deal
Or one who gives up

So give the children a chance

To be children
Just like you wanted
Just like you wanted
Just like you wanted

The children
are just like you
But growing.


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