Asad is short for Asadullah (pronounced uh-sah-duh-lah).

Asadullah goes by the pronouns he and him.

Asadullah means Lion of God in Arabic. Asadullah wanted a name to live up to.

Asadullah’s full name is aligned and equated to his life path number: 2.

He is a father of three beautiful black, indigo children.

He is an observer, a party thrower, a believer in: service; the wisdom of black bodies; the birthright to naturally grown foods; black women; black cool; community development; church on the beach; partnership; the ancestors; sex positivity; discovery; curry; coconut oil; experimental living; pleasure; affirmations; meditation; prayer; laughter in real life; and adornment.

Asadullah Saed is a poet, writer, and educator- born and reared in New York City by his Jamaican parents and grandparents. His fifteen-year career in education and youth development focuses primarily on the advancement of court-involved and incarcerated youth, cultural rites of passage programming, and public school education in the cities of New York, Atlanta, New Orleans,  and now Detroit. Asadullah serves on the Board of the Ruth Ellis Center- where the organization’s mission is to provide short and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless, and at-risk lesbian, gay, bi-attractional, transgender, and questioning youth. Both Asadullah’s work and life stretches the traditional “good black man” paradox, and challenges the static interpretations of masculinity and the intersections of same-sex attraction within Islam, Caribbean culture, and the black community.